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Nick Lowe Freelance

Tabletop Roleplaying Game Writer and Horror Fiction Author



Hi there! I'm Nick Lowe, sometimes known
online as Geekabilly. I work as a freelance writer for Tabletop Roleplaying Games and other narrative projects.

I have worked on several books for the Earthdawn game line, as well as the Fate of the Norns: Ragnarök RPG.

I also have experience as a proof reader and offering localization support for non-English language projects. 

In addition to my TTRPG work, I have several published horror stories in the Cthulhu Mythos genre and I have provided narrative work for Triple A video games.

The purpose of this site is to showcase my writing work and offer updates on my current and past projects. There are numerous writing examples found here for visitors to check my work out.

Please feel free to contact me with any enquires.  

Disclaimer: I do not use any AI tools in any of my works. Every word is written by me personally.

Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul


Artwork by Bex Lowe



Fate Of The Norns: Germania
Lead Writer
TBA: 2024

Germania serves as a stand alone prequel to the Viking roleplaying game, Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok, by Andrew Valkaukas.

In Germania, we move the action back to 15 AD and the Germanic Wars fought between the Roman Empire and tribes of Germania. Players can take on the role of either Roman soldiers enacting vengeance for the Teutoburg Massacre, or as brave Germanic tribesmen fighting for their freedom.  

Like Fate of the Norns, Germania has a strong supernatural element with the gods taking an active role in the world and various creatures from folklore and mythology stalking the haunted forests and mountains of Germania.

Fate of the Norns: Germania is planned as two core books. The first, A Wolf's Age, details the main setting and focuses upon the Germanic tribes. The second book, Wolves At The Rhine, deals with the Roman side of the conflict.



Earthdawn: Vasgothia
Lead Writer 
June 2023

Vasgothia is a setting sourcebook for Earthdawn Fourth Edition. Vasgothia presents a strange new setting for Earthdawn players to explore, one that is vastly different from the default Barsaive setting. 

This sourcebook provides a detailed look at Barsaive’s distant western neighbor. It provides descriptions of Theran holdings and personalities and sheds light on the Barrites and their patchwork of emerging cultures. It includes rules for a new Discipline variant, a new Path, and two new Namegiver races. Gamemasters will discover new treasures, foes, and plots to drive their tables deeper into the alien domain of the Deep Forest.

Groups who want to explore lands beyond Barsaive will find a trove within these pages. Whether as Empirists navigating their past and future in the province, reNamed Barrites fighting to overthrow the Therans’ yoke, agents of Throal looking fo
r allies and support against the growing Denairastas threat, mercenaries for Travar wishing to expand trade routes, or adepts seeking adventure and the draw of the Towers, there’s something to call any group to Vasgothia and heed the yearning.

Additional Vasgothia Content
Vasgothia's original Kickstarter had two stretch goals for additional content. The first was a pre-written adventure and the second was more information on the Gruthrump orks. I wrote and completed both of these in preparation for the stretch goals, that sadly were never met. Both are available for free below.

Daughter Of
The Forest Adventure

The Gruthrump

More Vasgothia Content

I will periodically update this section with new Vasgothia content like creatures, thread items, pre-generated characters and more! All free of charge. 





Beastmaster & Woodsman Variants






Artwork by Bex Lowe 

Earthdawn: Empty Thrones
Contributing Writer (Two Chapters)
May 2021

Empty Thrones is an epic campaign adventure for Earthdawn Fourth Edition. I worked as a contributing writer, creating the settlement of Freewater and expanding on the setting of Daiche. The work included detailing environments, lore, history, characters, narratives, and story hooks for each location. 

This sourcebook provides the information needed to run each of these events, whether separately or in an epic-style campaign that spans Western Barsaive. Additionally, this book fleshes out four locales you can use for further adventures: Councilor Plaza, a district in Iopos. Clansward, the citadels of occupied Jerris, the fishing village of Freewater on the border of Cara Fahd and Kratas port of Daiche. Can you influence who will ascend to Barsaive’s Empty Thrones?

Empty Thrones.jpg

Video Game Work

In addition to working with TTRPGs, I have also contributed to several video game projects.

This work includes:

Character Bios for DLC released
 for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Script editing and proof reading for an unannounced Triple A video game involving one of
the biggest IPs in media entertainment. 

Narrative and story work collaboration with an internal R&D team. Working with designers to provide game mechanics with narrative justification and story hooks.  


Horror Stories

I have several published horror stories written in the Cthulhu Mythos genre.

Dagon's Mirror was published in both Cumbrian Cthulhu Volume Five and E'CH PE EL: Chilling Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos #11.

The House of Dead Gods
 was published in Lovecraft's Disciples #

The House of Dead Gods is also featured on Creepypasta, and is also narrated on the excellent YouTube channel: The Dark Somnium. Please click on the links below and check both out!

creep logo.JPG

Let's Rock & Roleplay

Let's Rock & Roleplay is a publishing company and small business owned by me and my wife, Bex Lowe. I handle the writing side of things, and my wife handles the artwork.

We specialize in creating content and gaming aids focused on 5E OGL. We currently have two 
5E compatible book on Drivethrurpg: The Tome of Personalities Vol. 1 is a book of NPCs, complete with backgrounds, motivations, story hooks and stat blocks.

Woodlands & Witches is a themed sourcebook inspired by dark folklore. It offers new races, class options, backgrounds, magic items, and monsters. 

We also sell numerous 5E inspired merchandise and gaming aides on our Etsy store. Initiative trackers, monster trackers, character note pads, dice, and much more!


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